Please give today to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect!

Please give today to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect! image

Helping Families Win

A Recent Family Win-December 2020

Meet the Bradberry family! Carla came to us for services when she was at the end of her rope! Carla began abusing hard drugs at 19 years old. When her father and grandfather died, things spiraled pretty quickly for her and she became addicted to heroin. However, when she learned she was pregnant, she began treatment. She was unemployed, ultimately became homeless, and lived in her car. Child Protective Services was called and her boys entered foster care.

Carla entered our program and worked our progressive model of supervised visitation. She visited with her children twice per week, every week. She is now employed full-time, has her own place, and has been granted unsupervised time with her children!

Carla exclaimed that a year can make a world of difference! One year ago, she was

was living out of her car and her children were in foster care. She spent her holidays alone in her vehicle in an empty Walmart parking lot. She said, "the only person I talked to for Thanksgiving was the police officer patrolling the parking lot." This year, she spent time with her boys on Thanksgiving Day and had an overnight, unsupervised visit for Christmas! Carla has also engaged in quality, partnership parenting with the foster parents and even spends time at their house weekly to see the children, in addition to her visits at SAFFT.

It is stories like these that remind us of why we're here at SAFFT doing this work. We appreciate your support and hope you will partner with us as welcome 2021 to provide more healing services for children and families in Georgia! Please click the button below to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount to help continue our work!

The Bradberry family is just one of almost 14,000 families who have experienced child abuse or neglect. These are the kinds of wins that your generous donations support! We get to break the awful cycle of child abuse and neglect by helping families heal through our comprehensive services.

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